KP2 architects is a Salt Lake City based architectural firm which specializes in custom residential and small commercial projects. Our work includes churches, cinemas, cafes and retail facilities as well as new homes and residential addition/remodels. In all of our projects the goal of KP2 architects is to design beautiful buildings which are energy and resource efficient and which provide their owners with spaces perfectly suited to their functional, aesthetic and budgetary requirements.

Our approach to the business of architecture and design is a bit different from that of most other firms. By keeping small and by working on only a few projects at a time, we can concentrate our creativity and our energy on the design of these projects. We figure that a client comes to a firm for the skill, creativity and experience of the principal and therefore the principal should be the one to work on the client's project. When we take on a project it will get our complete attention and will be done competently and thoroughly. Also, we strive to keep open and inquisitive minds as we approach each project.

Another way in which we are different than most firms is that we are concerned about social and environmental issues in architecture, design and construction and we are actively doing something about them.  Since our founding in 1991 we have been a leader in the field of “green architecture” and have built a reputation by designing and building healthy and environmentally sensitive buildings.

We also apply a unique approach to our work on larger commercial and institutional projects.  In conjunction with the architect John Newell, we have formed a design collaborative, called Peters + Newell, P.C., (P+N Architects) to pursue and accomplish commercial projects.  The religious projects illustrated herein were projects of P+N Architects.

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