Since starting his own practice in 1991, Kenton has sought out

‘green’ projects.  He was one of the first architects in Utah to put into practice sustainable design principles. His built  projects integrate many elements of sustainable design including alternative materials (straw bale, rammed earth, concrete composites, recycled products, sustainable woods), passive and active solar concepts and technologies,daylighting, high levels of energy efficiency, natural ventilation methods, earth sheltered design, low and non-toxic building materials, overall ideas of resource efficiency and sensitive siting of buildings in pristine landscapes.

He was a founding member of AIA Utah’s Committee on Design and the Environment and later served as it’s chairperson.  He has been a LEED accredited professional since 2007.

Kenton currently serves as the Chairman of the Salt Lake City Historical Landmarks Commission. He has served as an adjunct professor at the Graduate School of Architecture, University of Utah, teaching design courses in architectural and sustainable design.   Formerly a Director of AIA Utah, he has also served as Chairman of the Utah Society American Institute of Architects, Committee on Design and the Environment.

In his private life Kenton enjoys raising (with the help of his wife!) two kids while also trying to find time to ski, cycle and run rivers. He is a Coach of the Salt Lake City Composite High School Mountain Bike Race Team.

Kenton A. Peters, Jr. AIA, LEED-AP



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