Also know as: "Appropriately-Sized Houses". Our philosophy about house design is that bigger is not necessarily better.  In fact, it can often be the other way around.

As we progress into this new century, increasing urban sprawl is turning farmland and open space into suburbs and comfortable cities into traffic-plagued metropolises. We feel that it is incumbent upon us to consider what we can do to reduce the adverse impacts of our growth so we can preserve the beauty of our city and region.

As families grow up they expand and contract in their spatial needs and wants. Young children who need to be close to mom and dad soon turn into kids who need their own spaces.  We must consider how a house is assembled which can meet these changing needs.  And in these days of houses that sacrifice quality for quantity the idea of building a smaller, nicer house is gaining a wider appeal.

Of course the notion of ‘small’ is relative.  The spatial needs of a couple or single person building a house can be met with a house that is significantly smaller than a house for a large family.  We analyze the spatial needs of the client and work to provide a house of a size that will fully accommodate the owners requirements without needless excess area.

For these reasons we of KP2 are working hard to design houses which meet the functional and budgetary needs of their occupants while being smaller and more efficient than the other houses being constructed now.  We also pay attention to the aesthetics offered by building smaller.  A smaller house will maintain the integrity of design which larger houses have lost due to large bulk and complicated roof lines.  In houses ranging in size from 2 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms and with areas of 1300 square feet to 5000 square feet or more we have successfully provided our clients with beautiful, responsible and functional living environments.



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