The Value of the Architect

Eight Reasons for Employing One

(From the 1943 Edition of The Handbook of Architectural Practice)

I.   As in matters of health, one needs a Doctor and in legal matters one needs a Lawyer, so in the matter of a building with its infinite variety of modern facilities for comfort and health, and its claim for beauty, one needs the Architect.

II.   The Architect has expert knowledge of building materials and construction methods, and how best to plan for the installation of plumbing, heating, lighting and insulation.

III.   A building is a better investment if well planned and attractive in appearance. The trained Architect can make it so.

IV.   Both Owner and Builder depend on competitive bidding for fair prices. Fair competitive bidding depends on complete drawings and specifications drawn by an Architect.

V.   The Owner needs the supervision of an adviser, unbiased by commercial considerations, to pass on the quality of the materials and the workmanship going into his building.

VI.   The Owner’s interests are best served by the Architect, who has devoted years to special training for his work and therefore must be more intelligently qualified than any one whose principal concern is with other interests and obligations.

VII.   From start to finish of a building operation the Architect is the Owner’s professional adviser and representative – in drawing contracts, complying with building codes and lien laws, certifying building changes, and seeing throughout that the Owner gets what he pays for.

VIII.   Architectural services are a small fraction of the total cost of a building. A good Architect often saves the Owner a sum much larger than his fee.



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